Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About This Blog

To the many people who picked up on this blog from Inside Radio, welcome. Big thanks to Mike Kinosian for the mention. If you’re new, I encourage you scroll down to the bottom and read from the bottom up to the most recent.

Today in Terrestrial Radio, you & I are fighting a battle on 2 fronts: Short Term & Long Term.
Short Term: Difficult economic times. Some companies won’t make it through the next 6 months.
Long Term: Threats from emerging technology. If your company gets through the next 6 months, how will you retain your assets’ value over the next 10 years?

There are lots of voices out there commenting on our industry:
- Some make good points (including INSIDE MUSIC MEDIA!)
- Others make noise with limited reality associated with their observations.
Based on what I read, I thought it was time to create a place where Terrestrial Radio Station Owners & Operators could read about these topics BY one of us, FOR us…so I created this blog.

Know this: You are not alone in this fight! Use this blog as a source for all of this information, without the now-standard kick in the teeth. I will be your watchdog. Remember, I’ve got a vested interest. (scroll down to my first post)

Also, know this: I’ll give it to you straight. I’ve done what you’ve done, sold what you’ve sold, managed what you’ve managed. I also fear what you fear and know that we have to attack our problems. When I have bad news, I will deliver it. (again, see my first post)

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I will keep you in the know so that your company can survive in the short term, and our industry can succeed in the long term.


Tony Renda

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